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(A) iluvo Reward Points 

Get yourself familiar with our reward system and start collecting your 5% cashback. Note that our reward system starts with effect from 21 Feb, 2020, it is a new inititive by us to thank you for shopping with us. 

Get 5% cashback when you shop with us.

Be sure to register an account with an active email address to start your cashback rewards.

How it works?

For every $1 nett spend, you earn 5 points.

For each 100 points earned, you will be entitled to $1 cashback.


If you spend $50 nett, your cashback amount will be as followed.

Points earned: 50 x 5 points = 250 points

Cashback amount: 250 points/100 = $2.50 ( which is 5% of $50)

(nett means total purchase before adding shipping cost)

How to check reward points?

Once log in, check your reward points by clicking on the Rewards icon on our site. Be sure to also check on ways to earn more points & vouchers.

How to redeem reward points for cashback and use it for purchase?

  • Log in to our website.
  • First, click on the Rewards icon.
  • Next, click on All Rewards icon. Choose redeem. Choose redeem only if you decide to redeem your points into a cashback voucher code.
  • Use the cashback voucher code upon check out on your next or future purchase.

Note that issued voucher code cannot be cancelled. You may also choose to accumulate your points and redeem when you can something in mind to buy. :)

Terms and conditions for use of cashback voucher code.

  • Cashback voucher code can be used for any purchase, including sales items with no minimum purchase requirements on our website.
  • Cashback voucher code cannot be used with any other discount code, including automatic discount code. Our system only register 1 discount code at a time.
  • Cashback voucher code has no expiry date. You can choose to accumulate your points and redeem your cashback voucher code only when you need. Note that you cannot combine two cashback voucher codes to use at a time as explained, our system only register 1 discount code at a time.
  • iluvo reserves the right to alter any part of this reward points system without any advance notice.