A Good Pencil Case

 Everyone needs a good pencil case that best suit your lifestyle and working habits. Not just students, everyone of us who use pens and pencils will love having a pencil case that best help to organise your tools. 

This week, we put together our recommendations for the different users.


1. Teachers ( who have a lot to carry) 

Well known for having extensive marking to do, teaching classes to go, many committees to run, the teachers need more than just red pens. A typical teacher's pencil case will include a set of white board markers, a few pens and pencils, ruler, staple, paper clips, ruler, glue, tape, calculators and sometimes even passes for students. The list can go on and on.


Invite.L Dual Bag in Bag

No doubt, this is a bag in bag. However we do feel Invite.L dual bag in bag is best suit for the female teachers who have a lot to carry to the class. With a top handle, it is easy to take it to class. Having a fixed structure and a top opening, it allows you to view your items clearly and have easy access when you are conducting lessons in class. 


2. The Minimalists

Nothing more than a pen, a pencil, a rule and an eraser. For those who prefer a clean cut look and something flat and compact for your working bag, Invite.L slim pencil case will be a good choice. Comes in 7 solid colours of red, lilac, green, yellow, orange, navy and brown, you will be sure to find a colour that suits you best.

invite.L Slim Pencil Pouch


3. The Tertiary Students

Go back to basics with this simple canvas pencil case that comes with 2 sizes. Featured below is Livework A Low Hill pencil case that comes in a handy size for holding your pens and pencils, ruler and erasers and others.It comes with an external slot for you to pass some items for easy access. It is also available in a larger capacity. Livework A Low Hill pouch will be great from those who would prefer to carry more highlighters and sticky notes to make notes and mark out the key points during lectures.

Livework A Low Hill Pencil Case

Livework A Low Hill Pencil Pouch


4. The Fairy Tale Stories Lovers

If you are one who grow up reading classic folk and fairy tales, Wind in the Willows will sound familiar to you. For those who always immerse yourself in fairy tales when you are a child, you will love our willow collection pencil cases. We especially love this Indigo willow story pencil pouch. The soft look prints are beautiful with fine details.

Indigo Willow Story Pencil Pouch


Looking into the details, we also love the compartments of Indigo Willow Collection pencil pouch. The double slots on the right allow the users to organise writing tools neatly. The left zipper slot allows the users to keep their small items safe and secure.

To view full collection of willow pencil case, do check this link.

5. The Designers

We pick Indigo the basic felt v.4 two tone pencil case for the engineers simply because it looks so cool! Beautifully crafted pencil case which is compact in size and soft to hold. The half round zipper opening allows a wide opening, enabling users to see the interior clearly. 

Indigo The Basic Felt V.4 Two Tone Pencil Case

We hope you like our recommendations. The above pencil cases are available at www.iluvo.com.sg. 

iluvo, a curated multi label Korean brands carry a wide range of pencil cases to suit all individuals. Do visit our website for more choices.


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