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JSTORY - Bringing fun and joy in users' life 

Jstory, a korean based design company builds their products on the principal of bringing joy and humour to the user. The three main characters used in their products are Mr Babba ( a workaholic) , Miss Lalla ( a cheerleader) and Mask Bunny ( a thief). 
Mr Babba - Busy, Continuously, Workaholic, Coffee, Salary Man
Babba means so busy in Korean.  From Mr Babba: " I don't have time to meet girls cause I am a workaholic! I spend most of my time to work and it's hard to stop. If you want to find me, just look for under a pile of papers."
Miss Lalla - Happy, Mistake, Smile, Dream, Cheerleader
From Miss Lalla: " I am working in a cafe and I often makes mistakes but I want to be a cheerleader and give people energy like a vitamin. I hope people have a nice day with a happy smile."
Mask Bunny - Romantic, Secret, Thief, Adventure, Thrill
From Mask Bunny: " I am Mask Bunny, a romantic thief who loves thrills and adventure. I want to keep a secret about myself."